Higher education for students with disabilities is challenging

Surekha Pawar is a visually impaired student at the University of Mumbai. She is pursuing her masters in politics from MU and travels daily from her hostel in Mulund to the Kalina campus of the university.

This journey is definitely not an easy one for a blind person. Surekha has to change buses and trains to reach her destination and come back every day and that is a huge challenge.

However, these difficulties are a small price that disabled students are willing to pay for the dream of higher education.

Travelling also is not the only issue.

These students face the hurdles in the campus as well due to the lack of accessibility features and facilities.

Even the lessons are a challenge as the medium of education does not always come in a disabled friendly format.

Visually impaired students struggle to find writers when it is exam time.

Despite the passing of disabled focused laws and rulings, there is a long way to go when it comes to making higher education an easy option for disabled people in India.

Implementation of reservations for disabled students in educational institutions is not being done as expected and that hampers the employment opportunities for them.

Although technology is making some changes in the lives of students, a lot still needs to be done.

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