Listen to goygoyradyo, a broadcasting service by a group of blind youth in Turkey

Six young people with visual impairments have come together in Turkey to start radio broadcasting through a website called Its a heartwarming story that shows yet again that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

The six youth are all high school students, set up a website by taking advantage of the opportunities technology offers for the blind. One of the founders is 15-year-old Emir Saçu, who likes to listen to music and spends time in front of his computer.

Saçu established and designed a website of his own. The friends wanted to choose a fun word that describes them since they are aiming to entertain. Thats why the name 'goygoy.' Saçu added that the website broadcasts music 24 hours a day and that it can also be listened to on mobile platforms.

They set the topics in advance and answer questions that people ask on the show. They also play tracks requested by the audience. The radio show does not discriminate between people with and without vision impairments.

The radio has enabled the youth to speak better and overcome their shyness.

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