Because Life is a Gift- Book with real stories of disabled people

Disha Chhabra is a writer with three books to her credit so far. Her latest book titled Because Life is a Gift is based on the life of disabled people.

In the book, Disha writes about the lives of 15 people with disabilities who have not given upon their aspirations despite several challenges.

Disha aims to spread awareness about the abilities of the disabled people.

She hope that the book will not only inspire other disabled people but will also encourage employers to hire people with disabilities in their companies.

Disha did her BTech from Delhi College of Engineering and joined the corporate world as a software developer.

She has also done an MBA from IIM-Calcutta and works presently as a product leader with Amazon India.

Because Life is a Gift is based on the real life of disabled people and features their pain, struggle, victories and happiness.

These stories can help change the outlook of the society towards the lives of PwDs and help make the society barrier free and inclusive.

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