Singapore students invent robot that could help kids with ADHD learn

From March this year, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in Singapore could have a robot companion to help them with their studies.

A robot-cum-mobile application has been developed by a team of three students from the Singapore Polytechnic, in partnership with tech company Neeuro. The robot and app will be paired to the Senzeband, a wearable technology by Neeuro, which tracks the brainwaves of its user via Bluetooth.

The Senzeband monitors a user's concentration levels during study sessions. Every 15 minutes they are given a rating from one to five stars and if concentration levels fall below 2.5 stars, the robots ends an alarm to get the user to pay attention again.

This way users can see how their concentration has improved week on week with the app's stored data.

The new platform will be tested among ADHD children in March at a retail price of $600. The team has tested the arm brace on 10 healthy subjects over the past six months.

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