Some facts about weight loss

The wish to remain healthy and fit is a common one. Weight loss is one of the main issues faced in way of health by most of us.

Here are some interesting facts that will help understand weight loss.

  1. Only a regular exercising routine is not enough for weight loss. There is also a need for small changes to be made in the overall lifestyle such as good diet and sleep.
  2. Healthy food is considered expensive which is not true. You do not have to spend to much money to get the right nutrition. Just made the required substitutes. Use beans, pulses and regularly available fruits and vegetables in diet. Just make sure you eat a balanced diet and on time in a limited portion.
  3. Not all carbohydrates make youy fat. Whole grain and whole meal carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole meal bread, and potatoes are in fact good for health as they add fibre to diet.
  4. Skipping meal and staying hungry will only make you irritated. This will cause you to eat more and crave for food. Eat smaller portion and light meals.
  5. Avoid dependence on pills for losing weight as they can cause harmful side effects to overall health.

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