Dr Mithu Alur, pioneer of India's disability rights movement wins prestigious award

She is widely acknowledged as the pioneer of the disability rights movement in India. Dr. Mithu Alur, the founder of the Spastics Society of India (now called ADAPT) was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Miranda House Alumnae Association.

Dr. Alur is renowned as the person who brought to India a model of rehabilitation and care for those born with cerebral palsy and other similar disabilities when there was almost nothing known about it in the country.

She introduced a model that linked together education and health of children with disabilities. Today that model is being used in 24 states around the country, She also conceptualised courses that have trained over 400 teachers who have spread services to other parts of the country. The Mithu Alur Foundation offers 22 villages in the rural and tribal communities of Maharashtra.

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