Adventure sport event held in Bengaluru for disabled people

EverydayAbility, is an event organised by Adventure Beyond Barriers Foundations and Firefox Bikes across India.

The event feature people with disabilities taking part in adventurous sports such as wall-climbing, rappelling and slacklining.

The event was held in Bengaluru on Saturday at the Equilibrium Climbing Station, Indiranagar.

Large number of disabled people took part in the event making it a huge success.

People with disabilities including amputees, paraplegics, blind, deaf and people with muscular atrophy were welcomed at the adventure event.

The participants were aged between 14 years to 30 years age group.

The organisers had initially faced the problem of finding a suitable venue in the city as they were looking for a place that was accessible for the disabled people.

The aim of the event was to spread the message that people with disabilities can take up adventure sports and enjoy it like others.

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