Set these Smartphone use rule for your children

The use of mobile phones by children is very common these days. Experts advise that children should not be allowed too much exposure to the device as this can lead to addiction. Here are some simple rules that parent can set for their children regarding the use of Smartphone.

  1. Cell phone use should not be allowed at night as it can interfere with the proper sleep pattern of children. Parents should set a deadline in the evening, after which children should not get to use the smartphones.

  2. Smartphones should also not be used during meals with the family. This rule should be followed by the elders to set an example for the young people in the house.

  3. Do not allow children to download applications without consent of the elders. This will ensure that they are not exposed too much on social media. They should be advised not to sue shopping sites.

  4. Most times, children put the phone on silent and that may cause important calls to be missed. Advise them against the habit.

  5. The most important rule should be to protect private information from the internet.

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