Elderly Bengali man gets married to his wife again to revive wife's memories

83-year-old Pabitra Nandi from Kolkata planned the details as carefully as he had 55 years ago when he married his wife against his family's wishes. From the menu to the choice of garland, every small detail was exactly as it was when he married his wife against her family' wishes.

Alzheimer's disease has wiped away wife's memories

This time Mr Nandi married his wife to jog her failed memory about the long life they have shared. His wife Gita barely said a few words as they exchanged garlands at their home in Kolkata. Alzheimer's disease has slowly wiped off her memory over the last seven years. As a practising doctor, she could remember details of her patients months after seeing them but now after the disease, she cannot remember even family members, says her husband, who is a retired professor of botany. The Nandis fell in love against her family's wishes. He was her tutor and thats when they were drawn to each other. When they got married, only her cousin was present. After the marriage, she continued to study medicine and became a doctor. After she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, doctors advised Professor Nandi to take his wife to their ancestral home in Bangladesh but the visit did not help her. Then another doctor suggested they re-enact the wedding to see if that revived her memory.

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