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A video system that could be a game changer for the blind

Its a digital device that is worn like a pair of spectacles and is being regarded as having the potential to transform life for blind patients as a low-vision aid. It can allow the legally blind to actually see, be mobile, and independently participate in activities.

Its called eSight system and its a set of electronic glasses that look a lot like the 3D glasses video gamers use. It has a controller so users can magnify an image to great extents.

Time magazine named eSight system one of 2017's 25 best inventions

Experts say that like other devices, it has an autofocus, but what sets it apart from other devices is that it has bioptic tilt. This tilt allows the user to tip the device up a small amount above their central vision. It also allows retention of the patient's peripheral vision.

When patients tip the device upwards, the camera system remains focused centrally so the patient can walk around, use the peripheral vision, but quickly glance up to see in detail what is in front of them. The bioptic tilt also helps ensure balance and prevents nausea that might occur with other such technologies.

Experts are calling the system life-changing.

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