People with disabilities to be addressed as ‘divyangs’ on railways concession certificate

The people with disabilities will now be referred to as ‘divyangs’ in concession certificate issued by the Indian railways.

The Ministry of Railways has made formal changes in the certificate and instead of ‘viklang’ they will be addressed as ‘divyangs’.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made the suggestion in 2015 about referring to people with disabilities ‘divyangs’ and it took two years for the railway department to make the change in the travel concession forms that are given to disabled people.

The ministry has also made other changes such as blind mentioned on the form will be replaced with persons with visual impairment with total absence of sight, deaf and dumb persons with hearing and speech impairment totally and physically-challenged as persons with disabilities (divyang jan).

The ministry has asked that the order should come into effect from 1 February.

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