Conference on accessible tourism for disabled to be held in Nepal

A conference on accessible tourism will be held in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu as well the city of Pokhara on 29 March, 2018. This is the first time Nepal is playing host to such a conference.

Accessible tourism conference to be held in Kathmandu & Pokhara

The conference aims to promote accessible tourism for the disabled who face challenges when it comes to travel, tourism facilities and services. The event will go on for three days and will see over 200 delegates, which will include representatives from various global communities of the disabled groups.

Conference is being organised by U.S.-based International Development Institute

Accessible tourism is a huge market that is still untapped and Nepal needs the infrastructure to make full use of this. There are over one billion people with disabilities globally. 88% of people with a disability go on for a holiday every year and 50% will travel more if suitable facilities were made available to them at their travel destinations.

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