2000 Rajput women threaten to jump into fire if 'Padmaavat' not banned

Around 2000 Rajput women in Rajasthan's Chittorgarh took out a protest march against the release of the film 'Padmaavat'.

They calimed that if their demand was not met, the women will jump into fire.

The women were seen holding swords in their hands and called it a ‘Swabhimaan’ - self-respect rally.

They gave written appeals to the government officials that were addressed to the President, Prime Minister, Rajasthan Governor, and Chief Minister that asked for a complete ban on 'Padmaavat' across the country.

As per reports, the women have already registered for performing ‘jauhar’ which is a practice of committing suicide by jumping into fire.

The movie is facing objections from some clans as it is based on a historical character and it is alleged that it is a misrepresentation of Rajasthan’s culture and history.

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