Two hearing & speech impaired men get life sentence for murder

Two hearing and speech impaired men found guilty of murder have been sentenced to life imprisonment in Mumbai.

. The court gave the sentence on Monday to Saifraza Bhavnagari who is 31 years old and Parvez Khan, 33 years of age, for the murder of a 55-year-old woman in Bandra during a robbery in 2013.

The two accused have also been fined Rs 75,000 each. Out of the total fine amount, Rs 1 lakh will be paid to Sunil Chainani, who is the husband of the murder victim Nalini Chainani.

The two accused communicated with the court through a sign language interpreter and claimed that they were innocent.

The two men knew the family and decided to rob them on 11 June 2013.

They attacked Nalini Chainani with a razor and the earrings, bangles and other ornaments she was wearing.

They left a mobile phone pn the spot and that led to their arrest the next day.

Evidence was found against them as two had used the phone to SMS each other before committing the murder.

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