Blind pianist opens music school for people with disabilities in Canada

Mubarak Farah was eight years old when he started listening to the folk music from Somalia that his family would listen to on cassettes and try and match the notes on his piano keys to figure out the chords that were being played.

Farah was born with glaucoma and had lost his vision by the age of six. He was unable to read music and did everything by sound and touch. Now at the age of 30, he is a professional blues pianist in Ottawa, Canada, and has opened a music school for children and adults with disabilities called Ability Through Music. He hopes to empower them by teaching them piano.

The school is open to people of all skill levels. Right now it offers lessons in piano and will soon expand to other instruments.

Farah says music has an impact on everyone, especially on people with disabilities. He says music gave him an identity and he got the idea of opening a school when he has trouble finding work as a music teacher because he was blind.

He believes that his experience in having to adapt around his disability gives him an edge in teaching others with disabilities to learn music.

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