Petrol pump dealers in Punjab up in arms against state government over revenue losses

The Petrol Pump Dealers' Association of Punjab – PPDAP has launched a state wide protest against the inaction of the state government.

PPDAP has started an indefinite hunger strike from Tuesday in Punjab.

The Association says that the Punjab government has failed to impose control on VAT on petrol and diesel prices, the way other states have done. This is causing the revenue losses worth crores every year in the state.

The PPDAP has threatened that if the government fails to meet their demands they will proceed to impose the shutdown of petrol pumps across the state.

The PPDAP has also claimed that there is widespread smuggling of the fuel in the state.

They have demanded an immediate cut in VAT - Value Added Tax rates and an inquiry into the alleged linkup between smugglers and Excise and Taxation Department officials of the state.

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