Teenager creating app to help Alzheimer's patients recognise people

14-year-old Emma Yang is working on an app that she hopes will help improve the daily lives of Alzheimer’s patients. She calls the app Timeless and is developing it for the iOS.

Teenager's experience caring for grand-mom with Alzheimer's was the trigger

The app has been created to help Alzheimer’s patients recognise people they have forgotten and remind them of daily tasks. Emma drew inspiration from her experience with a grandmother who has Alzheimer’s.

Through Timeless, an Alzheimer’s patient may use an iPhone or iPad to help them remember people through facial recognition. The person stands in front of an iPhone or iPad, and Timeless will be able to tell the patient who they are interacting with.

Timeless also has small reminders for daily tasks as well as a contact list to quickly contact their family. It has a “me” page, which contains the patient’s personal information such as age, name, phone number and address.

Yang also started a crowdfunding campaign to financially help her take the project to the next phase of development.

Timeless has been specifically designed to be user-friendly for the elderly.

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