Mumbai high speed train project rated a failure shows RTI

The ambitious high speed train project of the Mumbai and Dahanu train has failed miserably. An RTI has revealed the truth behind the unexplained delay behind the projects execution.

It has been found that even after an expense of Rs 60 crore and six years of work, the train failed to move on the high speed it was expected to run on.

The Western Railway, Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation, had claimed that the train between Mumbai and Dahanu will run at a speed similar to the Gatimaan Express, India's fastest train.

However, the train only moves at the average speed of a local train and is nowhere near high speed.

The high-speed MRVC 1181 train testing was started in 2012 but no information was given by the Western Railway about the results.

Now they have finally admitted that the high-speed train project has been a failure and wastage of the money spent.

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