After Mumbai pub fire tragedy, Supreme Court orders strict enforcement of safety standards

The Supreme Court has directed authorities to make sure that fire safety norms are strictly followed in hotels, restaurants and other public places to avoid a repeat of the recent tragedy in a Mumbai pub that led to the deaths of 11 people.

The SC said that it is the prime duty of the police personnel/administration of every state to maintain and give importance to the safety of the people. It also upheld the Karnataka government's decision making it mandatory for restaurant owners to get prior permission for holding live music bands, cabaret dances and discotheques in their premises.

As per the law, the owners would be granted permission is they showed that that there was no material used in the building that was a fire hazard. The association of restaurants challenged the provision saying that government was putting unreasonable restrictions which hampered their business.

It also said that when such incidents occur, they never fade away from the memories of people and should make all stakeholders feel that standards have to be followed closely.

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