103 year old Mumbai woman underwent successful hip replacement surgery

Doctors in Maharashtra have successfully conducted a hip replacement surgery in a 103 year old woman.

The operation was done on the patient named Ganga Gala who lives in Mulund, Mumbai.

Ganga Gala has become one of the oldest patients in the country to undergo a successful hip replacement surgery.

She had suffered a hip fracture on 5 January and this was her seventh fall in the last two years. The family claims that despite her old age, this was the first time that she had to be hospitalized.

Since all her physical conditions were normal, the doctors decided to perform the hip replacement surgery on Ganga Gala.

Ganga Gala has been active all her life and still likes to do work herself such as washed her own clothes and utensils. However, the injury made her immobile and she was in constant pain.

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