Audit reveals Aurangabad is not disabled friendly

An accessibility audit of the Aurangabad city has revealed lack of facilities for the people with disabilities residing there.

The accessibility audit in the city was done by the Vihang special school. It is an organisation working towards the welfare of children with disabilities.

The auditors checked surveyed 11 places in the city last year and concluded that 36% of the places were not at all disabled friendly.

They also found that 45% of the places were partially accessible for dsiabeld people. Only 18% were accessible in terms of their external environment.

The audit was done at places such as hospitals, government offices, bus stand, railway station, airport, banks, and hotels.

The audit revealed that a lot needs to be done by the government and private sector to make Aurangabad a friendly city for the disabled community particularly children with disabilities.

A present the city lacks the infrastructure that can be called safe and accessible for disabled children.

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