Man who runs India's last polio ward is Microsoft founder's personal hero

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Matthew Verghese runs India’s last ward for polio patients at St Stephen’s Hospital in New Delhi. Recently, Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote about him in his blog called GatesNotes.

Gates called Dr Verghese one of the five people in the world he considers a real life hero.

Since January 2011, there have been no new cases of polio recorded in Delhi. For those who were diagnosed earlier, Dr Verghese is their messiah, taking care of reconstructive surgeries, medicine and treatment. Dr Verghese is waiting for a time when he does not have to see any patients.

He hopes that the recognition from Bill Gates would inspire more doctors and the youth to take up the cause of assisting in the rehabilitation of polio patients.

Polio, caused by wild polio virus is highly infectious and can leave patients permanently paralysed. In 2015, India introduced an Injectable Polio Vaccine (IPV) in its routine immunisation programme. In 2014, it received a polio-free certificate from the World Health Organisation.

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