Bengaluru father arrested after he was caught kicking son on video

After the assault on a 10-year-old boy by his father for not doing his homework went viral on social media, the father has been arrested.

The video shows the child begging his father for forgiveness but the father ignores him and hits his hand hard with a mobile charger. The video was shot by the mother and is unbearable to watch.

The father hit the child seven times with the charger and then slapped him. He then grabbed his son by the throat, lifts him above his head and slams him down on the bed, many times. He then kept kicking and hitting the boy as he cried louder. He then tossed him to the floor and kicked him on the neck many times.

The mother keeps encouraging the father all along and can be heard on the video. The brutal beating was recorded by the mother on the father's insistence. He wanted the video to be shown to the child so he does not lie again.

The incident is two months old, but has come up now after the mother gave her phone for repairs. The shopkeeper, who saw the video, informed an NGO, which approached the police. The father has been arrested today under the Juvenile Justice Act.

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