Revenue loss of crores in Punjab due to fuel smuggling

As per reports, the state of Punjab is losing crores of rupees in revenue due to the high taxes on petroleum products.

The loss is estimated to be around Rs 250 crore per year as the instances of smuggling of petrol and diesel from Haryana have increased.

The prices of the fuels are less in the neighboring state of Haryana, leading to the smuggling activities.

The prices of petrol and diesel in Punjab have gone up by Rs 2.43 and Rs 3.53 respectively in the past few weeks.

The dealers are now protesting against the lack of government action as they are losing business. The dealers have been demanding a cut in the VAT rates and action against the smuggling activities.

It is claimed by the reports, that most of the pumps owned by political leaders in Punjab are getting the cheaper smuggled petrol.

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