Man killed after being sucked into MRI unit at Mumbai government hospital

Rajesh Maru, a resident of Mumbai, was killed after he was pulled into an MRI machine along with an oxygen cylinder that he reportedly carried into a hospital room for his ailing relative.

The incident took place at the Nair Hospital. An inquiry has been ordered to find out why the cylinder was allowed into the MRI rom where metal objects are not allowed.

Doctor and attendant were in the MRI room when the incident occurred

Maru died after he inhaled excessive oxygen. The police have arrested a doctor and attendant for the incident.

Maru, who was 32 years old, worked at a clothes shop. He was at Nair Hospital to help a relative's mother. His family has alleged that they were told to take the oxygen cylinder into the MRI room, and were asked by the attendant to remove all metallic objects such as belts, wallets and pins.

But the ward boy told the family they should take the cylinder inside as the patient would need oxygen. He told them the machine was not on. But when Maru took the cylinder in, he was sucked towards the machine by its magnetic force.

Maru got stuck in the machine with the cylinder over his body. A technician switched off the machine and he was pulled out but one of his fingers was cut off. He also inhaled an excessive amount of oxygen that led to his death. He was rushed to the hospital's trauma centre, but efforts to revive him failed.

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