Making your workplace disabled friendly - 5 ways to do it

There are many ways to build disability awareness and friendliness in the workplace. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Build awareness
  • This can be done through training sessions and classes that will help employers gain greater insight as to how they can help disabled colleagues.
  • Right equipment
  • Make sure your office design has a place for everyone. A parking space that can be used and accessed by all employees is a great start. If there are stairs in the office, fit a ramp. This way wheelchair users will have access. You can also have height adjustable desks, easy to access plug sockets, adjustable monitor arms, to name a few.
  • Focus on health & well-being
  • Make sure there is support and encouragement offered to all employees so they will help disabled employees perform to the best of their ability.
  • Form a support group
  • A support group for disabled employees will enable them to voice their problems and discuss any issues they may be facing within the work environment.
  • Modify the work day
  • Allow some modifications to the working day. This includes flexible starting times, frequent breaks and the opportunity to work from home from time to time.

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