Chandigarh Railway Station remains unfriendly for disabled despite government announcement

The railway station in the Chandigarh lacks the facilities that are needed to make it disabled friendly.

This is shocking as Chandigarh Railway Station was one of the 500 stations that were chosen to be made disabled-friendly.

In 2017, Union finance minister Arun Jaitley had announced that 500 railway stations across the country would be made disabled-friendly.

However, nothing has been done so far to improve the infrastructure at the Railway Station and the announcements regarding the changes remain on paper only.

As per the commitment made by the government, the 500 railway stations were to be equipped with facilities for the commuters with disabilities.

Some of the disabled friendly changes included construction of separate dropping area for the disabled, separate parking space, special disabled-friendly toilets, wheelchairs and ramps for easy entry and exit, special lower-level ticket counter and a help line number.

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