Working women must have these in their bags

Women are known to carry loads of stuff in their purses and bags. Most of this stuff is of use to them. Here are a few things that are a must in the bags of women going out for work.

  • Carrying a diary and pen can be very convenient for making notes if you are not fast enough to do it on your phone. Also physically written information is easy to remember.
  • Always carry a portable charger or at least a charger cable to ensure that your phone never runs out of battery.
  • Carry at least one lipstick that you can use to pep up your face. Lipstick brightens up the face instantly and can make you look active and fresh even if you are tired.
  • Carrying a comb or hair brush makes sense as hair may need to be touched up during the day.
  • Keeping mouth fresheners in your bag is a good decision. Imagine you had onions and garlic rich food in lunch and had a smelly mouth for the rest of the day.

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