Rare Blood Moon phenomenon to be seen in India today

The total lunar eclipse will be visible from India with the moon taking a red brown glow. This is also called, also called the Blood Moon. This will also bring about the Blue Moon and the Super Moon phenomena.

During the lunar eclipse, the earth comes exactly between the sun and the moon and the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. If the three are almost exactly on the same line, there is a total lunar eclipse. Sometimes during a total lunar eclipse, some of the sun’s rays get refracted through the earth's atmosphere and strike the moon. This makes the moon take on a low brown red glow which is what will happen today.

The total lunar eclipse can be seen from everywhere in India and begins at 5.20 pm with the partial shadow or penumbra of the earth’s shadow striking the moon. The main eclipse will start around 6.25 pm after sunset and this can be seen in the eastern sky as the moon would have just risen by then.

This would be the second full moon in January and is often called the Blue Moon.

Superstitious beliefs, like not eating anything during a total lunar eclipse, have no scientific basis whatsoever.

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