Digital campaign by Horlicks for students under exam pressure

Health drink brand Horlicks which is marketed and manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline has initiated a new digital campaign to support students.

The campaign is film made by the advertising agency FCB Ulka and is based on the backdrop of Rajasthan.

The film highlights the stress and pressure that is suffered by the students in India when they appear for competitive examinations.

Rajasthan has the highest number of coaching centres for entrance examinations in the country and the film titled Fearless Kota depicts the importance given to high ranks in competitive examinations.

The film has been made to create awareness about the severe effects of pressure on students. Several students who are not able to bear the pressure take extreme steps such as suicides.

Thousands of young lives are lost every year in the country due to the examination pressure and depression.

It is vital that the students receive the support of family and teachers so that they can survive through tough times and face challenges.

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