Prominent comedian Abish Mathew makes a case for therapy to deal with mental health issues

Prominent Bollywood star Deepika Padukone has talked about her struggles with depression. So have top Hollywood actor Jim Carrey and comedian Conan O’ Brien. Now well-known Indian comedian Abish Mathew has spoken up as well.

Mathew says its important to make therapy 'cool' so more people open up

Mathew is one of India's better known stand-up comedians and YouTube performers. But underneath that jokey exterior lies a dark side.Mathew says he has felt moments of huge sadness and has been going for therapy for nearly two years.

Mathew says the therapy has been helpful and recommends it for everyone.He says he finds it awkward to talk about his visits to a counsellor, but wants to be open so that more people are encouraged to reach out for help.

He added that if he could influence people in any way he would choose to influence them over mental health. Other comedians like Tanmay Bhat have also been frank about their struggles with depression.

Mathew suggests that just like there is a #MeToo for sexual harassment, there should be one called #TherapyTalks for those who want to talk about visiting a mental health expert.

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