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Life of couples with ADHD

February 1, 2018

Marriage of couple with disabilities comes with its own challenges. For a couple with ADHD, there are several problems that become part of everyday life and need to be faced. "Marriage, Love, and ADHD" survey tried to find some of these issues and how different couples deal with them.

ADHD causes lack of attention and that can affect communication between the couples. Couples are not able to pay attention when one of them is talking and can end up interrupting each other.

Couples with ADHD can face challenges when it comes to taking care of their respective household duties and responsibilities.

Many couples have tried to find ways to work out a system to manage their lives better. Instead of making plans verbally, it is better to make notes and share information in writing about each other's schedule.

It is vital to understand ADHD and the impact it has on a person's behavior. This helps couples to become more tolerant of each other.

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