Microsoft founder donates 100 million to Alzheimer's research after father is diagnosed with the disease

Bill Gates, the multi-billionaire and founder of Microsoft, has said that his father, Bill Gates Sr., is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Its an illness that slowly erodes away the memory of the patient.

Gates has announced that he will be donating six million dollars to find a medical cure and treatment for this disease. He said that there is too much focus on treatments that are repetitive and conventional, which could be the cause of slowing down research.

He plans to invest in unconventional ways to study and treat dementia and has pledged $50 million to the Dementia Discovery Fund, an organisation that he trusts. The other half of it would go to Gates' own initiatives.

Among the things the research will focus at is how Alzheimer's really get started and how to treat someone so they completely avoid getting it. He has urged people to live a healthier life by eating right and doing regular exercise.

Gates has established several charity organisations for different causes, with the latest being climate change.

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