Old age homes working across all districts of Uttar Pradesh, state government tells Supreme Court

The Uttar Pradesh government claims that old-age homes are operational in all 75 districts of the state and facilities like medicine, food and clothes are provided to those living there. It said this in an affidavit to the Supreme Court.

This is after the SC directed all the states and union territories to file their affidavits on a petition which drew attention to the state of old-age homes across India.

In response, the Uttar Pradesh government said that the state was taking effective steps to ensure financial, food security, healthcare, shelter and other needs of the elderly. It said that food, clothes, medicines and other necessary facilities are being provided free of cost to people living in these homes.

UP sanctions budget of Rs 60 crore in 2018-19 for old-age homes

While the UP government finances the homes, they are being run by NGOs. Under the old-age pension scheme run by the state with the Centre's help, a pension of Rs 400 per month is being given to the elderly below the poverty line, between the ages of 60-79 years. The monthly pension for senior citizens above 80 years is Rs 500, the state said to the SC.

During the hearing on 30 January, the SC had said that it was unhappy about how many states had not filed affidavits and that it was apparent that they were not bothered about the aged.

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