Tamil Nadu government fails to use funds allotted for special needs kids for 6 years

The government of Tamil Nadu has failed to use Rs 37 crore that was allotted in transport allowances for almost 80% of children with special needs for six years. This is despite the fact that the funds had been allotted by the central government.

Of the 25,400 children with disabilities identified in Tamil Nadu, over 20,600 did not receive the benefits for more than six years under the Inclusive Education Scheme (IESD) of the central government.

IESD comes under the Union Human Resource Development Ministry

Under the IESD, every such child is entitled to an allowance of Rs 250 a month for transport or escort facilities. These funds were not used between 2011 and 2016. Besides this, nearly 800 children with disabilities from five districts did not get equipment like including hearing aids, wheelchairs and calipers as nearly Rs 3 crore released towards this was also not used.

Under the Right to Education Act, it is the duty of the state government to provide these benefits to ensure children with disabilities can access their schools without difficulty so they can complete elementary education.

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