Why eating bananas is good for you

The banana has been known to cure depression and is a yummy and wholesome fruit. Here are some more benefits of the fruit that are just amazing.

  1. Bananas are a very rich source of Vitamin B6 and that makes them very useful in reducing stomach ache, pain in the chest and regulating mood swings in women during and after PMS.
  2. Bananas are extremely effective in regulating the blood pressure in the body. Eating one banana a day can help reduce risks of heart diseases and high blood pressure.
  3. Depression is also treated with regular intake of banana as they aid in release serotonin, the happiness hormone in the body. Eating a banana can help feel better, calmer, happier and relaxed.
  4. Bananas are also considered good for boosting memory.
  5. Bananas also aid in the digestion process and treat issues like constipation.

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