CavinKare Ability Awards honor achievers with disabilities

The CavinKare Ability Awards were given away in Chennai on Saturday.

This was the 16th edition of the CavinKare Ability Awards held to honor the achievers with disabilities from across the country.

Some of the awardees included Sruti Mohapatra from Bhubaneswar, who received the CavinKare’s special recognition award. The CavinKare Ability Mastery awards was given to Raju Rameshwar Uprade, an engineer with congenital achondroplasia, Gauri Shekhar Gadgil, a national-level swimmer and actor with Down’s Syndrome, Jasmina Khanna, an academic achiever and computer expert with cerebral palsy, and Roshan Jawad Shaik, an amputee who is a doctor.

The CavinKare ABILITY Awards are a joint effort of the Ability Foundation & CavinKare Pvt Ltd, and were started in 2003.

They are national level awards that are given for excellence to people with disabilities who do not give up and rise above the challenges.

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