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U.S. state launches visor cards to enable police & deaf drivers to communicate

February 6, 2018

The state of Wisconsin in the United States has launched a valuable resource to make interactions with police officers easier and safer for the deaf.

In 2017 policeman in Oklahoma City shot dead a deaf man who could not hear commands

The new communication visor card is free and available to anyone. It gives the police and the deaf drivers a tool to communicate clearly what the driver did wrong.

Its a visual card so it lets the police know that the driver is deaf. Because hearing loss is invisible, it is often to spot immediately.

Many situations between the police and the deaf have turned dangerous in the past.

After more than a year of feedback from the deaf community, the cards are ready to be mailed out. They include pictures to indicate a broken taillight, expired license plate tags and dangerous driving. The card should be placed on the forehead, allowing the driver to show the officer their hands as they retrieve it.

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