Family seeks PM's nod for euthanasia, says can no longer afford to care for disabled kids

A family in Ferozepur, Punjab, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking permission for euthanasia.

They say they have two sons and a daughter but all their children are disabled since birth and they don't have any source of income. This has reduced them to living in poverty.

Manohar Bala has written to the PM saying that with great effort, he was sanctioned a pension of Rs 500 per month by the state government, but this is too small an amount for his family. Even this, he says, has not reached him.

The eldest of his children is 33 years old. He said that when they were small, he was still able to manage. But now taking care of their daily needs has become difficult.

He go this son educated hoping that he would get a job but that has not worked out. Manohar's business has also suffered losses and he has taken huge loans. He says that unless some permanent solution is found, his family cannot survive.

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