Cases of women being abandoned by NRI husbands are on rise

The cases of women being abandoned by their NRI husbands are on a rise.

As per data, at least one woman married to an NRI calls home every eight hours and seeks help.

Most of these women are either left by their husbands or are being ill-treated by them.

Many of these women undergo mental and physical torture once they move abroad with their husbands.

Most of the women who marry NRI grooms and go abroad are from Punjab, Andhra-Telangana & Gujarat.

Brides from Andhra-Telangana report the most number of dowry related torture which could include mental and physical abuse.

In many cases, when men return from abroad, they get married in India as per their parent’s wishes and then abandon their wives once they go back abroad.

There is no particular solution to this issue since most Indian parents want their daughters to marry NRI men.

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