This senior citizen regulates traffic everyday for 4 hours in one of Mumbai's busiest suburbs

68-year-old retired army man Ramdayal Yadav regulates traffic near the crowded Nalla Sopara police station in Mumbai every day, voluntarily.

Yadav was a cook in the Indian army and opted for retirement after his son was killed in a road accident. Before moving in with his widowed daughter in Nalla Sopara in 2013, Yadav lived in Kandivli, where he first began to regulate traffic. He said that there was heavy traffic near his house and only one traffic constable to monitor it. This made him decide to do something about it.

After shifting to Nalla Sopara, he took the permission of the local police to continue doing this. He says the routine keeps him physically and mentally fit. He cannot fine motorists, so he alerts the traffic officials when he notices anyone breaking traffic rules.

The police say that Yadav has made their job easier. They also say that thanks to Yadav, motorists are starting to obey traffic rules.

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