Disabled to manage traffic in Varanasi in a new initiative started by the police

The police in Varanasi have decided to employ the disabled to manage traffic in the city. They have been trained in traffic management as part of a plan to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

They will be posted at five intersections -Godaulia, Maidagini, Malviya, Girijaghar and Sigra - and will assist the traffic cops and help in creating awareness among commuters on traffic rules.

These five people will in turn train around 100 disabled in traffic management. These trainees have already been identified.

A monthly salary of Rs 2,000 will be paid to each disabled person with the help of local NGOs. They will also be given accommodation and free food. The five people are from Kanpur and will now be based in Varanasi.

Traffic jams are a daily nightmare in Varanasi and the stretches that the disabled will be placed in are notorious for slow movement.

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