Disabled lawyers in Hyderabad forced to quit due to lack of accessibility

Lawyers with disabilities in Hyderabad, Telangana, are facing difficulties in doing their law practice as the court complexes are not accessible for them.

The lack of ramps and other disabled friendly features in the court are forcing many disabled lawyers to give up their livelihood and quit law.

This is the case in all courts in Hyderabad

It is not the case in just one court, but all the court premises in the city are in accessible and far from being disabled-friendly.

This has been revealed through a recent survey of the courts, conducted by the Telangana Disabled Advocates Association – TDAA.

There are around one thousand lawyers with disabilities in the state however, they are not able to get professional success due to the lack of proper infrastructure at the courts.

Elevators in some courts are non-functioning, the rest rooms do not have western commodes and are not accessible for disabled lawyers

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