Union budget for disabled is promises made and not kept

The union budget presented by the government has come as a disappointment to the disabled people of the country.

The budget was expected to come up with disabled oriented schemes as the government had portrayed itself as one that was keen to empower the people with disabilities.

This government had raised the hopes of disabled people as it had successfully passed two very important legislations related to disability- the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, and the Mental Healthcare Act.

Budget allocation is not enough this year

Last year’s budget had allocated Rs 855 crores for the department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability and this year the amount is increased to Rs 1,070 crore.

It means the increase is of around 300 crores that will need to be used for a whole lot of activities as per the various provisions of 2016 RPWD Act. As per disability rights activists, the amount is not even close to being enough considering the large amount of disabled population in the country.

A large number of schemes and laws for the welfare of people with disabilities are still waiting to be implemented across the country.

Despite making great promises about a disabled friendly vision, the government has failed to provide the financial commitment needed to fulfill them.

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