2 minute screening process for autism developed

As per a new research, a very fast method of screening children for autism has been developed.

The new tool is a questionnaire that claims to accurately detect and identify kids on the autism spectrum.

The tool is called Psychological Development Questionnaire and has correctly identified kids on the spectrum in 88 percent of cases.

The tool consists of a list of questions that take only two minutes to answer.

It contains questions for parents regarding their children such as whether their child points, gestures, responds to their name, relates to others and enjoys playing peek-a-boo, and more.

The study was conducted on parents of 1,959 children ages 18 to 36 months and the results were analyzed to determine the success of the tool.

The tool can prove to be effective in early and timely diagnoses of children.

Once the screening is done and autism is detected, the child can then get timely professional evaluation.

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