Zika virus in pregnant moms can lead to abnormalities in babies

A research has revealed that the damage caused by the Zika virus can go undetected in pregnancy.

This would mean that babies born to mothers infected by Zika virus may develop learning disorders, psychiatric illnesses and dementia and the abnormalties can remain undetected during pregnancy.

The research has discovered that a fetus that gets Zika infection develops severe brain damage even when the baby's head size is normal at birth.

Till now one of the main symptoms of Zika infected babies is known to be an unusually small head.

This research has highlighted the need for Zika prevention as it can cause mental damage to the babies although they are born with a normal head.

The Zika virus that goes undetected was found to be causing damage to brain parts that control memory and learning.

The research results cause worry as child born with a normal head size may still carry the brain damage caused by Zika.

Zika virus outbreak started in Brazil in 2015.

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