Jitendra Pathkar- India’s first disabled basketball player

Jitendra Pathkar is from Uttar Pradesh and is India’s first disabled basketball player.

He is from a remote area and does not have a lot of facilities at his disposal and trains himself through the various challenges in his life.

However, he is passionate about the sport and aspires to reach greater heights even if he does not get the support from the authorities and the government.

The player is strong willed and travels on Sundays to a ground 40 kilometres away for practice as there is no stadium in his village.

Lack of facilities and support is demotivating

Despite passage of the RPWD bill, the facilities are yet to reach the people with disabilities I the country. There is a lot that needs to be done from the grass root level for players like Jitendra.

Practicing and playing sports involves funding and resources that are not always available to the disabled athletes in the country.

The wheelchair used by disabled athletes for basketball costs more than Rs 33,000 and is not easily affordable for people with disabilities.

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