Happiness course in Delhi schools from next academic session

New Delhi is planning to make education full of happiness for students from the next academic session.

The deputy chief minister and education minister Manish Sisodia has announced that that schools in Delhi will teach a “happiness curriculum” to the students to help them face the challenges and pressure of life with a positive attitude.

The syllabus of happiness will involve activities and children will be judged on the basis of an activity based test.

There will be no formal exams for the course and parents need not worry about how to prepare their wards for the test.

As per reports, the step is inspired from the government of our neighbouring country Bhutan, where policies are being made to ensure a high Happiness Index for its citizens.

Thousands of student’s commit suicides in India every year from the pressure of performance in academics.

Hopefully the happiness course will be able to make a difference and save precious lives.

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