Senior citizens supervise exams to help stop cheating in Maharashtra school

The head of a school in Maharashtra has found a unique way to stop the students from cheating during examinations.

The students of Chinchani Tarapur Education Society’s Kanji Dharmsey High School in Chinchani, near Dahanu have to give their exams under the supervision of grandmothers and grandfathers.

82 year old Rajanikant Shroff is a chemical engineer and runs the school which has been in existence for over a 100 years.

He invites senior citizens of the area to supervise internal exams conducted in his college. His motive is to discourage cheating as it is also a form of corruption at the grassroots level.

Most of the senior citizens are retired teachers and he students avoid cheating in their presence as they remind them of their own grandparents.

The method has given positive results copying in classrooms in the school has been reduced by a large margin.

The idea has been much liked by the Education Department and may be implemented in other schools of the area in future.

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