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Deaf children face challenges in education in India

January 15, 2018

Children in villages and remote areas of the country that are hearing impaired have very less chance of getting quality education.

The education of deaf children has not received enough importance in the country so far, and that has caused a major lack of infrastructure and support to the cause.

As per data from India's National Association of the Deaf, there are around 18 million people in India with hearing impairments and that is almost 1 percent of the Indian population.

The numbers could be more as many times disabilities go unreported and do not become part of the census.

The use of sign language is also very rare and mostly ignored. The times are changing and ISL- Indian sign language is slowly getting recognition.

As per experts, Indian education is mostly based on oral skills and that conflicts with the education for children who cannot speak and hear.

This has become a cultural reason that hampers the growth in education sector for hearing impaired children in the country.

However, a change in attitude and mentality is gradually becoming apparent and ISL is being used in various parts of the country in a more prominent manner.

Various originations are also promoting it as a means for spreading the light of education among deaf children.

Support from parents and teachers can help deaf children learn sign language and learn the skill of communication.

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